CARPASS Car Seat Covers Seat Covers Pink / Beige / black+black PVC(PolyVinyl Chloride) Business For universal

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  1. The car seat cushion is made of high-quality wear-resistant leather as the main material. The seat cushion is soft and comfortable. The overall design is simple and generous. It has the characteristics of soft and comfortable texture, dry and breathable, and it is not easy to electrostatically vacuum. It creates a perfect four-season universal seat cushion.
  2. The business seat cushion head is designed to be simple and fashionable. The one-piece cutting seat cushion is more perfect for the seat. The easy-sweating part such as the backrest and the seat adopts the undulating horizontal strip design to accelerate the air circulation and truly breathe the car seat cushion. ;
  3. The car mat is equipped with the original headrest large lumbar support, built-in environmentally friendly white silk cotton, full and elastic, effectively fit the neck back, comfortable and flexible sitting;
  4. The seat part is fully covered. The front backrest adopts a large enveloping style, retaining the original car function, completely does not affect the use of the airbag, delicately fit the storage bag, easy to install!


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Compatible Vehicle Brand universal
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Listing Date 6/27/2016
Interior Decoration Type
Category Car Seat Covers
Decoration Type Seat Covers
Material PVC(PolyVinyl Chloride)
Style Business
Season All Seasons
What's in the box 3 x Car Waist Cushions, 3 x Car Seat Covers, 3 Peelers