Cables Videosecu 4 Pack 100ft Video Power Cables wires with 8 BNC RCA Connector for Security Systems 3000cm 2kg

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Use with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) applications and security camera components. This pre-terminated CCTV cable is perfect for transmitting video and power. Simplify the installation of surveillance systems by using one cable to carry video and power. .Extend the cable on your camera easily with this extension kit. Don't waste time soldering or crimping together your own cables or voiding the warranty by splicing in your own wires. Most cameras only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera. This cable will help you to extend the power and video signals. Now, it's easier than ever to mount your camera just about anywhere you would like. 

100 feet video power cable x 4Pack
Plug and Play ready
All-in-one video and power cable
BNC video & 2.1mm power connectors
For DC power only


Dimension (cm) 3000
Net Weight (kg) 2
Listing Date 10/29/2013
CCTV Accessories
Type Cables