LITBest Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Sport Glass Anti-rays No glare Hi-Fi earphones for iPhone and others

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Product Features:
This stereo bluetooth sunglasses headset is the perfect combination of practicability and fashion. It can make you enjoy the freedom of wireless listening. 

This item is the perfect combination of practicability and fashion. 
Most fashionable design with foldable eyeglasses. 
Made of polarized lenses , it has the function of anti-rays, no glare and good eye health care. 
Hi-Fi earphones built directly on to the frame, and can be adjusted 270 degree for comfortable fit. 
It can works for all bluetooth mobile phones , you can enjoy hands-free talk with your friends. 
Telephone talking mode when calling in and out. 
Bluetooth V1.1/V1.2 compliant. 
High-sensitivity RF chip transmission, it is easy to connect with other bluetooth equipped devices. 
Can be paired with 8 cell phones simultaneously. 
With mini USB port and rechargeable built-in lithium battery. 
Small volume, it is convenient to carry. 
It can listen to songs from any phones 

Material: ABS + PC 
Color: Black 
Function: Stereo Bluetooth 
Longest wireless range: 12 meters 
Pin code: 0000 
Popular Country Germany, France, United States